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Some cases of breast cancer can only be tackled with a mastectomy. This procedure doesn’t just address the problem at hand but also prevents the risk of the cancer coming back. Preventive mastectomy can also be performed in cases where the patient falls into the high-risk category of breast cancer.

For those patients who have undergone mastectomy surgery, we offer breast-reconstruction surgery. Breast-reconstruction surgery is available for patients who are recovering from breast cancer and for those who have had a mastectomy affecting one or both breasts.


Breast reconstruction is a very common option for patients who have had a mastectomy. With breast reconstruction, the appearance of the breasts can be restored and even enhanced remarkably. This aids in the recovery process for patients who are healing after breast cancer.

Mastectomy removes cancerous tissues from the breasts. This reduces the amount of tissue in the breasts to the point where volume restoration is necessary, and it can also result in shape and size asymmetry. These issues can be corrected with a breast-reconstruction procedure.


The breast-reconstruction procedure will be planned by Dr. Chevray after a consultation with the patient. During this consultation, an examination will be performed. The patient’s goals and needs will be discussed, along with their medical history, any medications they are currently taking, and any allergies they have.

Breast reconstruction can be achieved in a number of ways. The results vary based on the type of reconstruction procedure chosen. Though there are many ways to help patients regain their natural breast shape and size after mastectomy surgery, the following are the most common options:

Flap Reconstruction: During this method, tissues from a different part of the body are harvested and then grafted into the breast region. Natural tissues that have been harvested from the patient’s own body generally have a very good acceptance rate and do not cause complications.

Implant Placement: This method is quite similar to breast augmentation. In it, silicone or saline breast implants are placed in the tissues of the chest in order to restore missing volume. The results are nearly the same: more volume is created in the breasts and a gentle lift is achieved.

To achieve a complete makeover, nipple reconstruction is typically also done along with the procedure.

Breast reconstruction can often be paired with mastectomy. This makes it so the results are immediate and there is no need for separate surgeries and recovery periods.


The breast-reconstruction method chosen and the time required for the procedure will depend on the experience of the plastic surgeon you choose for the procedure. It is important to find a plastic surgeon who has enough experience with breast reconstruction to make the results look as natural as possible.

Dr. Pierre Chevray is an excellent choice for your procedure. He is a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon with the experience necessary to reconstruct your breasts in a way that looks natural. To arrange an informative consultation with Dr. Chevray, contact our office today and schedule your appointment.

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