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Lumpectomy Reconstruction in Houston, TX

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What is a lumpectomy reconstruction?

Finding a sense of balance may be difficult after a lumpectomy because of breast cancer. Our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Pierre Chevray, has dedicated part of his career to learning and practicing specialized techniques to rebuild a breast misshapen by cancer. At Chevray Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX, we provide oncoplastic procedures on one or both breasts left deformed after a lumpectomy. By reshaping and repositioning the nipple/areola complex (if it was sparred), Dr. Chevray can create a natural-looking breast. It is not uncommon for the other breast to need surgery as well so that your breasts are symmetrical. We invite you to gather more information about lumpectomy reconstruction at a consultation in our office within Houston Methodist Hospital. We look forward to answering your questions and giving you helpful suggestions as to what can be done after a lumpectomy. Schedule your appointment today.

Am I a candidate for lumpectomy reconstruction?

You may be in need of a lumpectomy reconstruction if your breast appears or will appear distorted after the removal of breast tissue (a lump or tumor) as a part of your cancer treatment. Dr. Chevray performs lumpectomy reconstructions for women who have a deformed, irregularly shaped breast. The type of breast reconstruction you will qualify for, such as one with a breast implant or flap-based reconstruction. You will have a thorough examination and planning session to determine the best course of action for your health and feminine appearance. 

Your surgical procedure

Dr. Chevray will perform your lumpectomy reconstruction in a surgical setting with anesthesia. This procedure can be performed with a lumpectomy as an initial reconstructive surgery. Dr. Chevray will work with your general surgeon if you decided to have breast removal surgery and reconstruction at the same time. The surgery can also be performed if you have had a lumpectomy in the past and opted out of immediate breast reconstruction.
Dr. Chevray will follow your selected reconstructive techniques designated in your treatment plan. Working with as much of your original breast tissue as possible, he will reconstruct the breast. The other breast will most likely need to be reshaped, reduced, or lifted for symmetry.  


During your lumpectomy reconstruction recovery, we will send you home with detailed aftercare instructions. Dr. Chevray will also give you a date for a follow-up appointment. At your follow-up appointments, he will monitor your overall health after the surgery and progress of your healing. He will also release you to return to work, resume normal physical activities, and go to the gym for strenuous exercise. If you experience any concerning health problems or suspect you may have an infection, please call our office for assistance. 

FAQs for Lumpectomy Reconstruction

What does oncoplastic mean?
Oncoplastic surgery is provided to a patient who has plastic surgery because of cancer treatment. A lumpectomy to remove breast cancer will distort or deform the breast, and the breast may need oncoplastic surgery. Dr. Chevray can perform breast reconstruction after a lumpectomy on one or both breasts. To make sure the breasts are balanced symmetrically (with clothes on), both breasts may need surgery for a natural appearance.

Will insurance cover a breast reconstruction on one breast only?
Because of the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998, by law, your insurance coverage for breast reconstruction cannot exclude surgery on the opposite breast. This is especially important for breast symmetry if a lumpectomy reconstruction takes place on one breast.

Will I have to stay in the hospital for a lumpectomy reconstruction?
Dr. Chevray will discuss the details of your procedure once a treatment plan has been made. Most likely, he will want to have you stay in the hospital after a lumpectomy reconstruction. During an in-patient stay, you will be cared for and monitored around the clock. If you have a flap-based breast reconstruction, Dr. Chevray will want to monitor the flap and the donor site closely for your safety and to make sure the flap does not fail.

Call for Dr. Chevray

Breast reconstruction after a lumpectomy can provide you with balance. Dr. Chevray offers consultations and treatment plans for immediate and delayed lumpectomy reconstruction. Make an appointment with our team at Chevray Plastic Surgery for your private, one-on-one consultation with our highly experienced surgeon. 

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