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Breast Implant Removal in Houston, TX

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What is breast implant removal?

Do you need to have your breast implants removed after having a breast reconstruction? Our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Pierre Chevray, offers implant removal after breast reconstruction in Houston, TX. Even if he did not perform your first breast reconstruction with implants, Dr. Chevray would be happy to have you as a patient.

Breast implants do not last for your lifetime. At some point in the future, you will have to replace your implants. You may even decide to go a different route with flap-based breast reconstruction or no implants at all. The choice is yours to make. At Chevray Plastic Surgery, we offer implant removal with the en bloc capsulectomy technique. This means that Dr. Chevray will take out your implant in its entirety (not piece by piece). He will have a personalized consultation with you in a private treatment room. Once he has talked with you about what you would like to do and examined your breasts, he can make treatment recommendations. Call our office and schedule an appointment at Chevray Plastic Surgery within the campus of Houston Methodist Hospital.

Do I qualify for breast implant removal?

After implant-based breast reconstruction, you may decide to have your breast implants removed. At a certain point, your breast implants will need to be replaced because they will not last forever. Also, you may develop a complication from the implants, such as: 

  • A ruptured implant
  • An infection
  • An implant that has shifted out of its intended position
  • An implant that has caused capsular contracture and distorted how the breast looks and feels

You may also have a need to remove your implants if you have unpleasant feelings or pain in the breasts, a significant change in the look and feel of the breasts, and more. Dr. Chevray will provide you with recommendations as to what steps to take next.

Our En Bloc Capsulectomy Technique

Dr. Chevray will perform your breast implant removal with an en bloc capsulectomy while you are under general anesthesia. He will make a long enough incision for the breast implant to come out of the breast as a whole. As scar tissue will be built up around the implant, Dr. Chevray will have to delicately detach the capsule from the chest wall. If you decide that you want new implants, he will replace the implants and close the breast with sutures. Surgical drains will be placed to help with post-op swelling. 

There are other options you can choose besides breast implants for your reconstruction. You may choose a flap-based breast reconstruction using your own tissues from your abdomen, thighs, or buttocks. This is becoming a more popular option with breast resensation surgery that can be added to a flap-based reconstruction. You would have the chance to have feeling in your breasts again with this choice. 

You may also decide that you do not want implants anymore. Dr. Chevray will do his best to reshape your breasts when closing the incisions. Whatever you choose, Dr. Chevray will perform your procedures with excellence.

After Your Revision Surgery

Caring for yourself after breast implant removal surgery is similar to your recovery from the reconstruction. You will need to follow all of Dr. Chevray's post-op instructions, such as keeping your incisions clean and wearing compression bras as necessary. We will go over your instructions based on the type of procedure you have once the old implants have been removed. You will need to take time off for this surgery.

Breast Implant Removal FAQs

Is a breast implant removal covered by insurance for breast reconstructions?
When you are treated for breast cancer and have reconstruction surgery, you may need to have additional surgeries to get the optimal result. Because of the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998, it is a federal law that your insurance company is obligated to provide coverage for breast reconstruction at any stage. This means that if you need to revise your breast reconstruction by having breast implants removed, then they cannot deny you coverage.

Can I have breast resensation surgery once my implants are removed?
If you choose to have an autologous tissue (DIEP) flap breast reconstruction to replace your implants, then it is more likely that you would qualify for breast resensation surgery. Dr. Chevray can provide you with more information after he knows more about you and your initial breast reconstruction.

What are the risks of having my breast implants removed?
The surgical risks you may have for implant removal probably outweigh the complications to your health if the implants stay in. With additional surgeries, you may have a higher chance of infection, loose skin, swelling, additional scar tissue, and the possibility of developing a hematoma or seroma within your incision sites. Dr. Chevray will go over the risks and benefits with you during your consultation phase of treatment.

Revise Your Reconstruction with us

Planning a breast implant removal after breast reconstruction is not something you have to do alone. Even if our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Chevray, did not perform your initial breast reconstruction, he will consult with you. He is dedicated to providing you with the best recommendations for your situation. Book an appointment at our Houston, TX office within Houston Methodist Hospital at your earliest convenience. 

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