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Houston, TX | Breast Reconstruction Surgery Passion | Chevray Plastic Surgery

Dr. Pierre Chevray, a plastic surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction and breast restoration in Houston and Sugar Land, Texas, explains what he loves about taking care of patients, and his passion for breast reconstruction surgery.


Dr. Pierre Chevray: I was attracted to medicine and surgery in particular because I found at a young age I liked to take things apart, figure out how they worked and fix them. And I also liked to make small scale models and I used to paint their eyes and these little figures and paint their watches and that led me to microsurgery which is something I do everyday now. My name is Pierre Chevray, I'm a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Houston Methodist. Earlier in my career I was a molecular biologist and I found that I did not get as much satisfaction out of research as I did doing surgery because in surgery I got to help one patient immediately with one surgery and make them better and help them recover from their disease. Patients should choose me because I have a passion for breast reconstruction and I love what I do. I've performed thousands of breast reconstruction surgeries over the past two decades and I get to make patients feel whole again after their breast cancer treatments. When a patient comes back and says that they feel great and they think they look great, it makes me feel great and it makes my day. What I especially love is when a patient comes back and I examine their reconstructed breasts and I can see 10 lines from a bathing suit. I love that because I know that they're not self conscious about their breasts anymore and they're just living their normal life.